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Can I use the same email/phone number on different devices?

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014 01:58PM PDT

Support for multi-device is limited at this stage. You currently can only clone an account from any device (Mac/Windows/Android) to Android (not the other way around). This means that you have to select “I have an account” during on-boarding on Android which will take you to a QR code reader screen that you have to use to read your private key from your old device. You cannot currently clone your account to desktop from another device. We suggest registering on your desktop first and then using your Android phone to clone your desktop account.


If you are on desktop(as your second device) or choose “Create a new account” instead of “I have an account” on Android, and use the same email address (or phone number) on the new device, we show you a warning message. Continuing with the process will:

  • Create a new account (i.e. a private key) and will overwrite the old associated public key with the new public key

  • When you are inviting your friends on your new device they will receive a new invitation from you which might be confusing for them if they already have you under the old account. They will also end up with two instances of you in their contact list which, again, is confusing.

  • If any new user adds you through your email address or phone number, you will only receive that invitation on your new account.

We recommend that you only do this if you have lost your old account/device and/or you want to reset your account. We will improve the support for multi-device to enable users to easily add any type of devices to their account while addressing the above issues in a future release.