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What metadata is Bleep designed to protect?

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014 02:05PM PDT

Metadata is defined as information that indicates “who called/messaged whom at what time (and for how long)”. We are doing our best to protect other data as well but protecting metadata is our main focus. In other words, the goal is to prevent any third party (including BitTorrent Inc.) from collecting specific and/or generic metadata.


Bleep tries to connect users directly and that means that a user’s friends (and only them) will have his/her IP address. Bleep is currently not using any onion routing to hide users’ IPs from their friends. This may change in the future. In cases that a direct connection is not possible because of network conditions, the peers use a relay server to connect to a friend. The relay server does not know the identity of the users that it connects to nor it can read the content of the messages that it forwards.