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Known Issues

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014 02:04PM PDT
  • Android Users: We suggest using Bleep on wi-fi only (unless you have an unlimited data plan).  Bleep currently consumes a large amount of data and battery life.  We will be addressing this very soon in a future release.
  • Messages cannot be sent to off-line contacts.
  • You can only move Desktop accounts to Android (not the other direction)
  • You will receive messages on multiple devices; Sends will not be seen on multiple.
  • Online presence is not as robust as we would like it.  One side effect you might experience is a contact may take longer than expected to show up online.
  • Android battery and data usage are a bit high but we have it on our roadmap so we will address it in new feature.
  • Consistent call quality is also something we are looking to optimize soon.